A DKP Jeager outside Fort Bismarck

Jeager{Jager} are the eyes and ears of an army acting as scouts, snipers, skirmish sqauds, and support. Jeager have fought in every major battle, and usally are engaged in skirmishes with enemy skirmishers or other units.


Jeager are skilled in marksmenship and swordplay, most Jeagers come from infantry who excell in marksmenship and swordplay, some Jeagers come from a select pool of recruits trained derictly to be Jeager. Jeager who transfer from infantry have been trained in the "Kelsall" drill, and select pool Jeagers can be expected to be trained in drill aswell.


Jeager are equiped with many tools to survive in the wild and in combat. On transfer or recruitment, they are awarded green and red outfits, a short shacko [which may or may not have a tusle dependant on regiment], and an eye glass. They also receive a backpack with a tent, survival tools, quick rations, and ammunition. As for weaponry a jeager is granted a smokeless rifle, built for accuracy they are also given a non-officer grade sword to defend themselves, as they do not have bayonets.


Jeager usally flank and strike the enemy, tatics usally depend on commader, but usally include hit and runs, firing from cover, sneak attacks, and back charges.