DKP Soldiers-1

DKP Soldiers in Battle

The Back bone and meat of the Prussian armed forces, the infantry bears the brunt of the enemy attacks and delivers the shock of the army. The DKP Infantry has fought in every major battle, with the exception of small skirmishes that could take place between Jeager or Cavalry regiments.


Both Infantry and grenadiers are trained in drill using the "Kelsall drill" developed by General T. Kelsall at the Pritzwalk Military Officers Academy, Kadets are also trained with this drill. An average infantry man can expect to be trained in such drills as a Kadet and only become infantry when he/she is ready for combat. However in early wars and when manpower is low, the Kadet programm is skipped and he/she is trained under the infantry rank with the drill. The infantry usally spends days shooting at hay stacks and stabbing dummies with bayonets to pratice for combat, they are also trained in sword combat incase one must take command of a regiment. The next rank up for Infantry men who are more then capable with accuracy of gun and skill of sword play will be Jager.


Infantry are Equiped with a wide range of weapons and gear to further aid them in battle or on the march. When an enlisted Kadet becomes infantry or during Mobilization a citizen enlists they are given black jack boots, a Prussian blue uniform with white sash, and a Black picklehaub engraved with an golden Eagle and styling. They are granted a sleeping bag with two golden buttons to lock on and put over the shoulder in a circle formation, furthermore they are given a back pack carrying quick rations, some first aid equipment, emergency matches, and other items that could be used in battle or on the march. A canteen and cartridge pouch is also given. As for weapons, they are awarded a standard M 1841 [dreyse needle gun, or Prussian needle gun as it is commanly known] with catridges to fire and bayonet, they also are equiped with a non-officer grade short sword and a small knife.


Infantry always enter a battle in regimental lines, sometimes in a wall to appear larger and scare the enemy. The specific tatics will depend on commander and battle plans and there is no pre-determiend course for infantry behaviour past the start of the battle. Infantry are built for open battle and urban firefights and can handle both.