A DKP Grenadier stands in a uniform fashion infront of Schonburg, Nassau

Grenadier are the heart and muscle of an army, acting as shock and awe troopers, and sometimes called "Human tanks". Grenadier have fought in most major battles except for skirmishes fought by Jeager or cavalry. Grenadier are known for being able to take on 4 times more enemy then their own numbers, and are known to steam roll enemy soldiers, with heavy cuts cuting down any enemy infantry in their path, also taking many hits before going down themselves


Grenadier are almost always selected among the tallest, most fit, and/or most skilled out of the jeager or infantry regiments. Grenadier will recieve drill from the "Kelsall" drill method and usally on promotion are adapt to fighting with a sword. Grenadier are allowed grenade training, more importantly usally can work with explosives and handy work.


Promoted Grenadier are awarded light blue and gold uniforms, picklehauben or grenadier caps [dependant on regiment, sometimes tusle]. Most grenadier do not have a back pack and have light weight clothing, though highly stylized. As far as weaponry, grenadier are given heavy sabers and some pot grenades. They are known to pick up weapons from the battlefield, and can use sapper hammers to crack the skulls of enemies.


Most tatics depend on commander, however grenadier usally throw a few rounds of grenades and then charge, grenadier regiments uslaly do not last when it comes to order, with grenadiers spreading across the battlefield fighting hand to hand, but resupplying the man power of the regiments after they reform is usally a rare thing, grenadiers usally suffer some of the least casulties in battle.