A DKP Cavalry and his regiment before they charge Panzer lehr infantry at the Battle of Bismarck

Cavalry are the soul and force of an army, attacking flanks, taking out enemy artillary, and harrassing the enemy. Cavalry are known to risk life and limb to complete a task, facing death by enemy and by horse they live and ride by a close conduct. They are iconic for the skull and crossbones on their hats, otherwise known as the deathhead[Totenkampf] they strike fear into the enemys. During the day they are a fast sword of death, at night they are a ghostly wind of death, anyone to see the whites of their eyes will probably never live to tell the tale.


Cavalry are almost always ranked up from other regiments, trained in almost every singleweapon they can get their hands on. Cavalry though not "human tanks" like the grenadier, are still a deadly force. Many cavalry die in battle, but can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Cavalry can be shot, stabbed, crushed by an enemy horse, crushed by their own horse, lanced, and thrown off. However though risking their lives, can reek havoc aginst the enemy and rake more kills then the infantry and jeager combined.


Cavalry are given a black and white uniform, and totenkompf hat, with a horse. They can use any weapon, but prefer Cavalry saber, pistols, and lances. They also have trumpets and powder horns.


Mostly dependant on commander, but usally always flanking and chasing down enemy soldiers. Dismounted cavalry fight to the last and if they survive the battle, regroup with another regiment to get fresh horses and continue to the next stop in the war.