Braunfels 300

Castle Braunfels, home to the House of Volland and Former seat for the Kingdom of Solms

The city of Braunfels is the homeland for the House of Volland and the cadet branches, it was also the Capitol of the Kingdom of Solms [1206-1657]. Braunfels and the county of Solms [within the Duchy of Nassau(later Hesse and Hesse-Darmstadt] was awarded to the Solms family by the Holy Roman emporer. Only a few years later, the village of Altenkirchen, southeast of Braunfels was awarded to an up and coming family called the Vollands, the two families married, combining into the House of Volland-Solms, in which would later become the House of Volland-Solms-Nassau[then just house of Volland]. After 1657 the city became much less important, only to withhold the honour of the homeland to the dukes of Brandenburg and the later knigs of Prussia and emporers of Germany.